Grant Proposal Writing

The TVET Council is desirous of developing the capacity of prospective students with respect to four (4) broad themes:

  • What is a Grant proposal?
  • Where to find grant opportunities?
  • The elements of an effective grant proposal?
  • How to prepare a grant proposal?

The workshop is based on the need to access donor resources for project implementation and will use a participatory and “hands on” approach to developing the ability to write successful proposals.

At the end of the period of training, participants will understand and have exposure to the:

  • Components of a sound project proposal that are required by prospective donors
  • Importance of good project design to proposal writing
  • Importance of clearly identifying project monitoring, reporting and evaluation techniques in the project proposal
  • Various formats for project proposals
  • Development of a project proposal through the application of the various tools and techniques


Training Methodology

The training workshop will employ a mix of methodologies such as presentation, exercises and group discussion that are geared to ensure a transfer of learning.

An evaluation of each topic covered will be conducted and the facilitator will determine the relevance and effectiveness of the training. Various exercises and assignments will be provided that will serve to monitor the application of the skills taught and overall effectiveness of the training workshop. Participants will be required to make a group oral presentation and written submission of a grant proposal for feedback on the final day of the training.

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