Explore the Assessment Services offered by The Council.

Our Assessment Services include:

  1. Centre Approval

    The process by which a training provider (institution, employer) is approved as a facility to offer competency –based training and assessment.

    Length of time: 67 working days

  2. Qualification Approval

    The process by which a training provider is audited to the confirm that adequate resources (accommodation, learning materials etc.) are available to support the delivery of the vocational qualification.

    Length of time: 67 working days

  3. Candidate Registration

    The administrative process for registration of candidates for assessment and certification purposes against an occupational standard.

    Length of time: 30 working days  

  4. Awarding Body Services

    The providing of technical assistance and the awarding of qualifications as a result of competency-based training at an approved centre in keeping with occupational standards of competence, assessment and certification. The reviewing of portfolios is one method of assessment utilized.

  5. PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)

    PLAR is a process by which candidates can gain credit towards vocational qualifications based on evidence from past work experience and other formal and non-formal experiences gained in a skill over a period of time.

    Length of time: according to agreed action plan.

  6. Core Skills Examinations

    The Core Skills programme is based on standards for the following areas: Communication, Application of Number, Information and Communication Technology, Problem Solving, Working with Others and Improving Own Learning Performance. It seeks to address inadequacies in the skills of individuals by providing assessment and certification based on the standards for these core competencies.