Learn more about the Competence Based Education and Training (CBET) Train-the-Trainer Programme.

What is CBET?

CBET stands for Competence Based Education and Training.  It is a methodology used to deliver technical and vocational education and training that focuses on what the learner “should be able to do” at the end of a learning experience.  It is a flexible modular based system where a learner can obtain as many modules as they wish to lead to the certification they need.


CBET is based on five essential elements:

  1. The competencies to be acquired are carefully:
    • Identified
    • Verified (local)
    • Made public (transparency)
  2. The Criteria and Conditions for assessing learner achievement are:
    • Based on the specified competencies
    • Based on Business/Industry standards
    • Explicitly stated and explained to learners in advance of assessment
  3. The instructional programme:
    • Is designed to help learners achieve each specified competency
    • Provides for different student learning styles
    • Provides for a range of student abilities
  4. The assessment of student competency:
    • Takes knowledge and attitudes into account
    • Requires performance as the primary source of evidence
  5. Learners progress through the instructional programme:
    • At their own rate
    • By demonstrating the attainment of specified competencies rather than time or course completion