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Looking Back: 2015 in Review

TVETC Christmas Luncheon and Staff Awards 2015

12/23/2015 04:45 PM
TVET Council Barbados Latest News
TVET Council's Chairman Dr. Hensley Sobers presents acting Manager, Employment and Training Fund (ETF), Michelle Haynes with the STAR Award. STAR stands for Service, Teamwork, Attitude and Reliability.

THE members and staff of the TVET Council Barbados recently gathered to celebrate the achievements of 2015 at their annual Christmas Luncheon and Staff Awards.


During his welcome remarks, Executive Director Henderson Eastmond commended the Council Members and the staff for continuing to achieve "big" results despite the constraints which sometimes affected the organisation.


He said that 2015 had been a year of transition and growth for the Council, part of which he attributed to the successful implementation of the Competent Based Training Fund (CBTF) that was established under the Skills for the Future Programme which forms part of the Barbados Human Resource Development Strategy.


Mr. Eastmond said that in order to facilitate a level of sustainable growth the Council had conducted a review of products and services.  "Coming out of that review, the Council published a new products and services information guide which lists and explains all of the products, services and programmes offered by this organisation. Also, some services such as training and assessment have undergone a price increase to better reflect the real value of the activity, rather than the nominal costs which would have been charged previously."


The revised fees will take effect from January 1, 2016. For further information, visit


In outlining the Council's achievements, the Executive Director said the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) developed to date had increased to 55 in total, 22 of which were approved for regional use as Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs).


"The qualification areas, which as you know are meant to be used for education, training, assessment and even performance management, include occupations such as Production for Television and Film (Non-technical) Level 3, Photovoltaic Installation – Electrical Technician Level 3 and Photovoltaic Panel Installation - Roofer/Fitter Level 2 as well as Supply Chain Management Level 3 and Textile Material Design Level 3," he said.


He added: "Some 66 CVQs have been validated for local use. These include occupational areas such as Crop Production Levels 1 & 2, Disability Work (Special Education) Level 2, Events and Entertainment Technology Level 1, Furniture Making Levels 1 & 2, Interior Decorating Level 3 and Massage Therapy Levels 3 & 4."


Explaining the Council's role, the Executive Director said: "The importance of the Council’s mission cannot be emphasized enough. A country’s technical and vocational education and training system – or TVET system - is pivotal to equipping its workforce with the knowledge, skills and competences to drive performance and productivity. The TVET Council’s role is to help transform Barbados’ national TVET system to a competence-based one that rests on occupational standards."


He added: "The purpose is to modernize the TVET system and bring Barbados in line with other countries which are using TVET to revitalize their economies and build stronger, financially sustainable nations."


Mr. Eastmond further pointed out that a strong, well run TVET system would "ensure the practical learning which guarantees each individual learner both the theory and the practice to meet the current work standards."


He stressed: "Each worker, no matter the career, profession or job must be equipped with the knowledge and skills gained through education and training based on occupational standards. Proof of competence must be provided through an assessment of the knowledge and skills using the same standards and the award of certification to successful candidates. This then is the TVET Council’s purpose."