Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process by which individuals can gain credit towards TVET Council qualifications.


The PLAR Process involves the following seven stages:


PLAR Process Diagram

  1. Application (stage1)

    Gather candidate information; complete self-assessment; process application and commit to database; schedule initial assessment meeting

  2. Initial Assessment (stage 2)

    Assessor and candidate meet to conduct initial assessment meeting to discuss occupational area; self-assessment; available evidence and schedule orientation meeting

  3. Orientation and Registration (stage 3)

    Orientation (PLAR overview); registration of candidate and scheduling of pre-assessment meeting

  4. Pre-Assessment (stage 4)

    Assessor, PLAR Advisor and candidate develop assessment plan; review occupational standards, discuss collection of evidence and assessment strategy; set dates and times for assessment

  5. Assessment (stage 5)

    Candidate undergoes assessment based on pre-selected strategy/plan; practical demonstration; review of portfolio and professional discussion; assessment decision made; feedback and review; record and submission of claim

  6. Certification (stage 6)

    External Verification review (Quality Assurance); process certification claim; printing and issuing of N/CVQ certificate or unit statement of competence

  7. Post certification guidance and support (stage 7)

    Post certification review; additional training initiated or process restarted