Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process by which individuals can gain credit towards TVET Council qualifications.

Who is Involved?

PLAR Players Diagram

  1. Coordinator - coordinates the development of PLAR procedures, documentation and assessment materials; conducts verification of portfolios submitted by candidates
  2. PLAR Advisor - first point of contact for the candidate; advises the candidate on suitability for the programme; provides guidance on the gathering of evidence; arranges meeting with candidate and Assessor
  3. PLAR Registrar - registers the candidate for assessment; carries out orientation with prospective candidates; arranges for literacy/numeracy diagnostic assessment as required; assists the Assessor with the verification of authenticity of evidence
  4. Candidate - prepares portfolio of evidence from prior experience; attends interviews/discussions with Assessor/Verifier
  5. The Assessor/Verifier - verifies the claim for competence by the candidate is valid; interviews candidate to verify level of knowledge, literacy and skills