In this section you can arm yourself with information that can assist in guiding your child.

Action Plan for Students

This action plan will help your child to think more deeply about the career that might be right for him/her and guide them on the steps he/she may need to take. Why not download the plan or offer to assist them with completing it online?


Where am I now? (e.g. thinking about my options; speaking to family and teachers; almost ready to choose) 

What do my family and friends say I’m really good at? (e.g what skills or talents do I have that people notice and that I really like doing?)

Who can help me and how? (e.g. parents/guardians; teachers; guidance counsellor)

What do I need to do and when? (e.g. talk to my parents/guardian, teachers or guidance counsellor; go to a career showcase; do research online)


By what date


Completed? (y/n)


Asked for Advice
Gone to careers showcase
Done my research
Asked someone to be my mentor
Made my choices
Arranged for a Job attachment

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