Fees & Structure

The Council has new a products and services information guide which lists and explains all of the products, services and programmes offered by the organisation.


Item Name of Product & Service Associated Fees
 #1 Standards Development Services  
  Development of National Occupational  Standard To be determined (TBD) on contract using established criteria
  Reviewing and updating of Regional Occupational Standard No Fees
  Validation of Caribbean Vocational Qualifications No Fees
#2 Curriculum Development Services  
  Development of Competency Based Curricula $13,000
  Technical assistance in mapping of curricula  to occupational standards N/A
#3 Training Services  
  Train the Trainer Programme $600
  Assessor Training $700
  Master Assessor Training $500
  N/CVQ Coordinator Training $75
  Internal Verifier Training $200
  External Verifier  $700
#4 Assessment Services  
  Centre Approval N/A
  Qualification Approval $450
  Candidate Registration and Certification

$40 (N/CVQ Levels 1&2)                       

$70 (N/CVQ Levels 3,4&5)

  Awarding Body Services TBD on contract using established criteria

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Recognition)




Quality Assurance


$40 (N/CVQ Levels 1&2)

$70 (N/CVQ Levels 3,4&5)


$600-$1200 (depending on the number of units for which the candidate has to be assessed.)



  Core Skills Examination

$40 (N/CVQ Levels 1&2)                       

$70 (N/CVQ Levels 3,4&5)


Replacement of Certification:


Statement of Competence / Transcript





(N.B. Plus mailing costs where applicable)