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Business Administration Level 1 (NVQ)

Who is the qualification for?

The Business and Administration National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) was developed to meet the needs of three separate markets in view of the development of organisational, technical, managerial and communicational skills:

  1. Generic business administrators across all sectors:
    • secretaries
    • clerks
    • administrators
    • business support operators etc
  2. Specialist business administrators in sectors such as:
    • health
    • law
    • education etc
  3. Persons who need some business and administration skills in order to carry out their own jobs competently:
    • professionals
    • managers
    • support workers
    • principals in small businesses

This list is not exhaustive and only serves to illustrate the breadth of the qualification.

Where is it available?

There are no Assessment Centres offering this qualification at this time. For further information email us at office@tvetcouncil.com.bb or call (246) 435-3096 or (246) 228-3383.